About Us

Since 1996, FINE Mortuary College, LLC has established itself as a leader in education for those entering the funeral industry. As a private two-year college, FMC provides education and practical training for the funeral and mortuary services profession.

Students who successfully complete the program will earn an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Funeral Service.

FMC trains its mortuary science students in the business, environmental, and health sectors of the funeral industry. The FMC curriculum trains funeral professionals in contemporary business practices, the sensitivity in dealing with bereaved persons, and the physical processes involved in handling the deceased. 

FMC’s Campus

Located in Norwood, Massachusetts, FMC’s campus spans a two-story brick building at 150 Kerry Place. The facility contains three interactive classrooms, a hands-on lab area, and a multimedia area including a library, computer lab, and restorative art lab. Students have access to a mock preparation room and a showroom in their practical hands-on courses.

FMC has a museum that highlights the many industry-related artifacts and pictures located throughout the school. Kitchen and student lounges are available to provide a break area for students. An information and mail center is also accessible for student mail. The centrally located conference room is open to faculty, staff, and student use. FMC's facility provides equal access for those with physical challenges.

Campus Safety

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act— or Campus Safety Act— is a consumer protection law whose goal is to provide transparency around campus crime policy and statistics.

To comply with the requirements of the Clery Act, all colleges and universities must have a comprehensive understanding of the laws, school's responsibilities, and what they can do to actively foster campus safety by publishing information about crime on and around their campuses.

Information about campus safety for FINE Mortuary College may be found here on the U.S. Department of Education’s Campus Safety and Security page.