In today’s advancing world, you need more than the information and guidance that comes from a textbook. You need a hands-on experience led by dedicated instructors to strengthen your knowledge and understanding in your field.

At FMC, you’ll find the experiences and resources you need to prepare for a successful future. Our exceptional Clinical Cooperative courses encompass practical, active training under the direction of funeral service professionals. Your faculty mentors will guide you through your studies to fully cover best funeral service business practices, the emotional and psychological needs of those who are grieving, the entirety of the embalming process, and all other areas of the funeral profession.

Academic Requirements

As part of our mission statement, FMC provides both a rigorous academic education and an active program in practical training. Students are required to meet academic standards to receive an Associate in Applied Science in Funeral Service.

Associate in Applied Science in Funeral Service degree program:

  • 20 campus-based courses at 3 credit hours each
  • Two 5 credit hour hands-on practical application courses
  • A total of 70 credit hours for degree completion

Only those students who hope to be funeral service professionals bettering their communities attend FMC. You'll study and learn alongside a diverse group of fellow students— enriching your experience and allowing you to discover a world of new ideas.

Course Offerings

FMC’s in-class courses cover a broad spectrum of practices in the funeral service industry. We address the emotional and psychological needs of the bereaved, as well as the scientific background of the embalming process. Our hands-on courses offer the unique opportunity to gain real-life training under the guidance of funeral service professional.

FMC students study alongside faculty members who bring in-depth industry experience to the table. Our graduates possess the knowledge of both the business and physical practices of the funeral service industry. They have the experience necessary to complete funeral home operations such as embalming, cremation, and the safe, sanitary disposal of human remains. With this background, our graduates go on to innovate the funeral industry across the United States.

Our on campus-courses include:

  • Introduction to Social Science
  • Anatomy for Funeral Professionals 1
  • Business Basics
  • Introduction Chemistry/Microbiology
  • Issues and Concerns for Modern Professionals
  • Anatomy for Funeral Professionals 2
  • Embalming Chemistry
  • Funeral Profession
  • Psychology of Grief
  • Funeral Directing
  • Essentials of Accounting
  • Embalming
  • Microbiology, Sanitation, and Public Health
  • Law and Ethics
  • Restorative Art
  • Pathology
  • Marketing and Merchandising
  • Funeral Service Management
  • Comprehensive Review
  • Applied Communications
  • Clinical Cooperative I
  • Clinical Cooperative II 


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FMC Graduates

As a leader in the funeral service industry in New England and across the United States, FMC graduates continue their success outside of the classroom. On average, full-time students can earn their degree between 18 and 24 months. Upon graduating, students will possess an all-encompassing knowledge of their profession as well as the vital skills to succeed.

Through our comprehensive academics, FMC produces graduates with strong emotional skills and highly developed ethical standards. Students learn a sensitivity and compassion towards those experiencing grief and how to communicate with them. They become leaders in their community through their professionalism, poise, and service.

FMC keeps you in mind. With our mission to provide a high-quality educational experience focused on the student’s well-being and is considerate of their ongoing jobs and personal responsibilities while promoting pride in the funeral profession itself.

Assistance and Aid

With our Associate’s Degree program, you don’t have to worry about the traditional constraints in higher education. All textbooks and materials for your courses are free upon registration, eliminating exorbitant costs.

FMC also provides financial assistance in furthering your education through federal financial aid, veteran’s benefits, in-house scholarships and payment plans.

All courses meet ten times per term, which eliminates the additional stress for students to make a daily commute. Distance education courses are also available for those to earn credits from FMC at home.

Whether you're interested in owning your own funeral home or working as a medical center donor assistant, our unique academic offerings at FMC will teach you the skills you need to succeed, and different ways to think about your focus and the world.


What degree will I receive upon graduating?
You will receive an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Funeral Service.

How long does the program take?
On average, FMC students complete the program between 18 and 30 months.

How many credits do I need to take?
You will need to take a total of 70 credit hours for degree completion. These credits include 20 campus-based courses at 3 credit hours each and two 5 credit hour hands-on practical application courses.

Is FMC an accredited school?
Yes. The American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE) accredits FINE Mortuary College and the subsequent Associate’s Degree. FMC is authorized by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education to award the associate degree.

What will I gain from an FMC mortuary degree?
FMC provides students with rigorous academic training in both the business and physical practices of the funeral service profession. A degree in funeral service provides graduates with an expansive knowledge of funeral home operations as well as embalming, cremation and the safe, sanitary disposal of human remains.