ABFSE 2017 Outcomes

Graduation Rates

For the purpose of calculating graduation rates, students moving through the second half of an associate program will be considered to have graduated on time if they complete their degrees within 18 months, and students halfway through a baccalaureate degree would have 36 months for on-time completion. 

2017 Graduation Rate per ABFSE = 80% (12 Timely / 15 Total)

Employment Rates

Job placement is to be calculated within six months of each student’s graduation.  Programs must specify funeral service related employment, active military duty, or enrollment in further higher education as the three instances that are considered “employment” for purposes of this calculation.

2017 Placement Rate per ABFSE = 93% (14 employed / 15 Total)

NBE Pass Rate

Statistical results are provided annually by the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards. The National Board Exam (NBE) is the licensing standard for funeral service/mortuary science in the US. Programs must maintain at least a 60% three (3) year average pass rate for first-time takers of the Arts and the Sciences sections of the NBE. The three (3) year average pass rate will be determined using only the first attempt scores of students who have taken either the Arts or Sciences sections.

2017 NBE Pass Rates – Arts 70% (7 Passed / 10 Total), Science 86% (12 Passed / 14 Total)